Introduction to Solving Covid-19

With an estimated 20 million dead globally and 2.2 billion injured by Covid “vaccines”, a number significantly greater than those supposedly killed by Covid 19, perhaps it is time to re-evaluate “The Covid” as part of an on-going eugenics and debilitation program on the population using vaccines including vaccines distributed by the World Health Organization in foreign countries that have been secretly manufactured with abortifacients and sterilization chemicals in them.[i]


Understanding the Creepy Pseudoscience and Religion Behind Eugenics

For those unfamiliar with eugenics, it is a pseudoscience whose thesis is that it is possible to improve the “breeding stock” of humanity (positive eugenics) by ensuring that, for example, the Nazi ideal of pure-blood Aryan Germans breeding with other pure-blood Aryan Germans will create blond-hair, blue-eyed “Übermensch” or “Supermen”.

The darker side is called negative eugenics: the poisonous idea that society can be improved by sterilizing, aborting, euthanizing or even murdering those deemed unfit or “useless eaters”.


Over 60,000 people are forcefully sterilized in the United States in the 20th century. In total, 32 U.S. states passed sterilization laws between 1907 and 1937, and surgeries reached their highest numbers in the late 1930s and early 1940s.  One study from North Carolina found that black women were sterilized at three times the rate of white women and more than 12 times the rate of white men. Sterilization policies continued into the 21st century where between 1997 and 2010, unwanted sterilizations were performed on approximately 1,400 women in California prisons as one example. [ii]

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